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Tri County Rents

Frequently Asked Questions

Application Process

1. How do I begin the application process?

First you  call our office at 724-330-5800 to schedule a tour of a few of our properties. Once you find a rental you like, we will give you the application forms.

2. What do I need to submit my application?

A completed application has the following:

  • Rental Application
  • Guaranty of Payment
  • $35 application fee
  • Security Deposit (Typically the value of one month’s rent)

Please print out the Rental Application and Social Security Number Authorization forms and and fill them out completely.  The Guaranty of Payment must be signed and notarized.

3. What all does my rent cover?

Our rents are quoted without utilities included. Utilities vary from property to property.

Rental FAQs

1. Do you rent to Cal U students? 

Yes. We rent to all students, not just those at California University of Pa.

2. Why should I live off-campus?

Off-campus housing provides a different lifestyle compared to dorms. Please see our article Student Housing – Should You Be On or Off Campus? for more info!

3. Are properties pet friendly?

Property rules are subject to the property owner. Some are pet friendly, some are not.

4. What are my responsibilities as a renter?

Renters need to keep the house clean and undamaged as well as abide by government ordinances such as shoveling sidewalks. Tenants are responsible for advising us on maintenance items. This varies from property to property.

5. How do I get back my security deposit?

The return of Tenant’s security deposit is subject to the following conditions:

  • The full term of the lease has ended.
  • Landlord has received a written forwarding address from Tenant before moving.
  • All rent is paid in full. Using the security deposit to cover the last month’s rent, or any month’s rent, is not allowed unless Landlord first gives his approval.
  • All keys and other items Landlord provided are returned.
  • No damage to the property has occurred beyond normal wear and tear.
  • All personal property has been removed.
  • The entire leased property has been thoroughly cleaned including appliances.
  • Light fixtures cleaned and bulbs replaced where needed.
  • Holes in wall, scratches in woodwork, holes or damage to flooring whether carpeting, tile or wood have been professionally repaired.
  • There are no unpaid late charges or rent remaining due.
  • All utility bills have been paid in full and written proof given to Landlord.
  • All carpets must be professionally cleaned and written proof given to Landlord.

6. How do I pay rent? How often do I pay?

Rent must be paid via check or via ePayment. Rent must be paid in full or monthly by the 5th of the month.




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